Re-Rolling Mills, Colour Coating Line’s, Metallic Coating Line’s, Tube & Pipe Mills, Building Products Manufacturers, Automotive & Parts Manufacturers, Industrial, Food & Beverage Packaging Producers, Engineering Manufacturers, Distributors, Architectural Designers & Manufacturers, Mining, Construction, Industrial & Rural suppliers, Electric Arc Furnaces’, Laser Cutters & Profilers.


Steel Mills, Aluminium Mills, Power Stations, EAF’s (Electric Arc Furnaces), Auto Parts Manufacturers


Hypermarts, Supermarkets, Quick Marts, Wholesalers, Food Manufacturers, Pharmacists, Health Product Manufacturers, Health stores, Maternity/Baby stores, FMCG Suppliers, On-line Stores, Liquor Wholesalers/Stores


Asia Pacific Projects At A Glance

Municipal Solid Waste-to-energy Power Generation. In Cooperation with Watermax Environmental Technology and Group Companies have successfully completed projects in:

1.Sichuan Province, China: 17 waste plants

2.Guizhou Province, China: 15 waste plants

3.Guangxi Province, China: 27 waste projects

4.Jiangxi Province, China: 16 waste projects

5.Guangdong Province, China: 65 projects

Water Treatment Projects:

1.Henan Tangyin City Waste Water Treatment Plant

Capacity: 30,000m³/day (2014)

2.Dongguan City landfill leachate treatment

Capacity: 50m³/day (2015)

Sludge Treatment Projects:

1.Guangdong Dongguan City DalingHill waste water treatment plant, sludge treatment. Capacity: 30,000m³/day (2014);

2.Henan Anyang City sludge treatment project. Capacity: 200m³/day (2014);

3.Shenzhen City Yantianwaste water treatment plant, sludge treatment. Capacity: 10,000m³/day (2015);

4.Guangdong ZengchengCity waste water treatment plant Sludge treatment. Capacity: 10,000m³/day (2015);

5.McCain (AUS) Food Service sludge treatment. Capacity: 320m³/day (2015).


Logistics, Inventory Management, Production, Financial, Steel Processing & Planning, Automotive SCM. Consultation for all markets and businesses. Conversant with KanBan, FIFO, JIT Supply.

Global Partners

KIC have well established strategic business partners operating in the Pacific Region, Asia, SE Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our Steel and Metal products are sourced from quality mills only. Our Food products come from quality Australian, New Zealand, and global producers. Our Business partners range from State owned corporations, publicly listed companies, established private entities, to sole agents.


International Trade

KIC believe business relationships are the key to successful businesses. That is why we have an overriding emphasis on service, not only to our customers, but to our suppliers also. KIC staff all have experience within Japanese Trading Houses, and have extensive experience in dealing within international trade, and specifically Asian markets. KIC is a true Australian 종합상사 Jonghap Sangsa (General Trading Company).


The KIC Advantage

KIC members have developed and evolved our close personal relationships within international trading entities, to provide the best options for our customers and suppliers needs. Our members have experience not only in trade, but in Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality Control, Marketing, Sales, Environmental, Water & Waste Management and many other facets of international business. We can manage your supply chain including forecasting, processing, inventory, supply & crisis management for customers and suppliers. We understand the needs of your business. KIC have transformed into an Australian 一般贸易公司 Yībān màoyì gōngsī (General Trading Company).


Customer Service

KIC is constantly working on aligning itself with Global Partners along the supply chain and identifying new opportunities in the market to offer the most cost effective and up to date products and services to all its clientele. With cloud based technology, web portal access for our sales, inventory, finance & administrative functions, we are using the latest systems in software and hardware to provide the best service possible to our business partners.


Our Mission

Kenna International Corporation supply product from the world’s best quality mills and service providers. Our main focus is on premium customer service, quality products, consultative business and strong supply chain partnerships.